you say you want a revolution


Today is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. I’ve obviously been living under a rock because I didn’t find out about this event until earlier this week.

Food Revolution Day on 17 May is a global day of action for people to make a stand for good food and essential cooking skills. It’s a chance for people to come together within their homes, schools, workplaces and communities to cook and share their kitchen skills, food knowledge and resources.

But timing is a funny thing.

Last week, with no forethought or planning, we had a Jamie Oliver food revolution of own.

On holidays and home for the nightly family dinner, I inadvertently cooked a Jamie Oliver recipe from Monday to Thursday [Friday doesn't count as it was the smallest's birthday party].

We’ve always been the cooking types. I love a new recipe challenge and enjoy cooking for others while the husband likes to fly by the seat of his pants and make it up as he goes along, with tasty results. And even the kids get involved ~ they make a mean steamed dumpling thanks the tutelage of Donna Hay. And we’ve been making our own bread for a few weeks now.

What I don’t enjoy is the monotony of the everyday dinner? So much so I went on strike the other week because I could not think of a single thing to cook to please the masses.

And that’s why I really enjoyed my own revolution last week with Jamie. I broke all the rules and went shopping every day but hey, I was on holidays, I had time and it worked.

Our menu for the week kicked off with satay chicken skewers and fiery noodle salad [pictured]  from the 30-minute book, followed by meatballs and basic tomato sauce from The Naked Chef, Wednesday was Happy Cow burgers [my boys love these, and not just because of the name] and Thursday we tried the lamb kofte, pitta and greek salad [pictured].

The meatballs and burgers we had had before but the other two were new. All were greeted with enthusiasm and chowed down. The community eating aspect of Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute and 30-minute meals really appeals to the smalls and certainly makes things smoother when introducing something new.

But all good things must come to an end and now it is back to work. And the inevitable “what’s for dinner?” returns this week. It’s time to get organised.

So I have a plan. A meal plan to be precise.

This week I wrote a long list of favourite family meals, that at least 75 per cent of the family like [there's four of us] and the other 25 per cent will tolerate. It’s the master meal list.

I’m putting it into Google Drive so I can access it anywhere for inspiration or to add to it. I will also have a meals to try section so we can find some new favourites.

Then it’s just a matter of looking at the list, deciding on meals for the week and writing a shopping list. And if I’m really organised I can do this all from the comfort of my home and get the groceries delivered at the start of the week.

Sounds like a plan, right!

So naturally I turned to my trusty computer and made up a sheet to plan out the week, and the groceries. If it works well I will probably laminate it and use it like a whiteboard, save printing it out all the time.

And naturally I have shared it with you. You can download it here.

Ready for a revolution.


  1. We’re *huge* fans of the Jamie cookbooks too, Kellie. A lot of our meals come from them – or have been adapted from them.

    I’ve done something similar to you and have made a master list of the family favourites, which definitely makes deciding what’s for dinner a lot easier.
    I’ve even gone one step further and have a white-board on the fridge where I *publish* the weeks menu – helps with the home-from-school question of “What’s for dinner tonight, Mum?”

    On the whole, it works swimmingly, but there was obviously something in the air the other week, because I went on strike too!
    Tasha xo
    PS Didn’t know about Food Revolution Day – thanks for the heads up!

    • I plan to put it up somewhere, too, Tasha, so everyone can see it. I’ve got to make it a habit, that’s what lets me down! Got to start somewhere though!

  2. Goodness me I really need to get onto the laminated whiteboard trick too! Excellent advice to write up a list of ‘acceptable family meals’ as the grizzle when something is not to taste is endlessly grating.

    And the song titles Kellie! Every time you’ve put up one recently, it shifts me to another time and place – today’s took me back to high school & jazz ballet classes… crazy stuff ;D


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