the little moments …


Sometimes it’s the little moments.

  • I made bread for the first time in weeks, maybe months, after making it every day for almost as long. I also poached chicken for sandwiches and salads and boiled eggs for the same reason. In my domestic goddess lime light and it felt good.
  • When I indicated I was making fresh bread, the smalls expressed their delight. A far cry from the whine that accompanied the bread making and the fact it wasn’t square.
  • These are the same smalls that have been taking bickering to a new level. They could run a course in bickering 101. And then there was a moment ¬†when I walked through while getting ready in the morning, and they were both sitting quietly on the lounge reading.
  • Giving the study a quick tidy so I can move around it again. It didn’t take long and made a huge difference. Mind you, still missing my cheque book.
  • That a favourite band has a new single, and it is Magic indeed. We watched them at the SXSW iTunes festival the other day which was also quite magical. Catch it on iTunes while you can.

Little moments to be remembered.

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