rise up against a ruthless enemy



My mum had breast cancer.

My dad had prostrate cancer.

My father-in-law had stomach cancer.

My boss had malignant tumour.

A friend’s daughter had one behind her eye.

All of them faced a battle, fought bravely, but sadly, only some of them won the war.

Cancer is a ruthless, unforgiving and indisciminate enemy.

Today I went along to my mum’s cancer support groups monthly get-together that included their event for The Biggest Morning Tea.

I was drawn in by the promise of triangle cut sandwiches and sausage rolls.

However, I was privileged to hear the story a Cancer Council volunteer, who had lost her 24-year-old son to leukemia but was now a passionate advocate for the council’s work.

In that brief time I learnt:

  • This month the Cancer Council marks the 20th anniversary of Biggest Morning Tea fund-raiser.

  • In that time more than 61,000 lives have been saved from this insidious disease, that’s eight lives a day.

  • Sadly though, in the future, one in two will be diagnosed with cancer.That means between you and me, one us will have a battle on our hands.

Scary stuff.

My mum and dad won the war. I’ve had to say a final goodbye to the others.

There is nary a day goes past that I, probably you, don’t hear the story of someone you know that has entered the trenches to battle cancer, whether it be them or a loved one.

This is why I urge you to make a difference, no matter how small.

Attend an event, organise one yourself, pop a few coins in a bright yellow donation box.

Or when you take your coffee break today just hop over to the website and the hit donate button.

And raise a cup to a cure for cancer.