lunch break // bruschetta


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lunch // bruschetta

I’ll be the first to admit lunch would be my most oft-skipped meal of the day. Usually because I have a late breakfast after the kids have gone to school and it would classify as more of a substantial brunch. And I’m a savoury rather than a sweet tooth so it suits me better.

So when Baker’s Delight asked me to contribute something for their recipe bank for lunch, I had to put my thinking cap on.

I love a good pizza ~ margherita please, tomato base with lashings of bocconcini¬†and extra cheese ~ and a good toasted sandwich {my present fave is avocado, baby spinach, goats’ cheese and cheddar cheese!}

But I kept coming back to an absolute staple of mine ~ for any time of day.


lunch // bruschetta

I’m a huge bruschetta fan, starting with the classic tomato and basil. But I thought I’d better take it up a gear for this exercise.

lunch // bruschetta

So say hello to the super salmon bruschetta. Why “super”? Because with this combo, you can partake of up to four super foods in one tasty swoop!

The key to bruschetta is fresh, tasty ingredients. And naturally your bread is the foundation of what it is built.

In this case I used sourdough bread, because I’m on a bit of a sourdough kick at the moment, and hey, super food. But ciabatta, pane de casa or any artisan bread will do just as well. Take your pick. Or make mini ones with a french stick!

lunch // bruschetta ~ classic tomato + basil ingredients list

lunch // bruschetta ~ super salmon ingredients list

Recipe type: lunch, dinner
  • Oil ~ for brushing
  • Your choice of bread, sliced thickly
  • Garlic cloves
  • Classic:
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Red onion
  • Salt + pepper to taste
  • Grab what you need to cater for numbers and taste. But don't go too heavy on the onion. For an individual serve, you only want a thin slice.
  • Super salmon + avocado:
  • Avocado ~ mashed for spreading
  • Salmon ~ smoked, fresh, canned {I like the skinless and boneless cans}
  • Baby spinach or rocket
  • Salt + pepper to taste
  1. Quarter your tomatoes and scoop out the seeds and pulp {which I give to my chickens} leaving the flesh.
  2. Dice the tomato flesh and onion, tear up the basil and combine in a bowl. Season to taste. Splash in a bit of extra virgin olive oil if you are so inclined.
  3. Brush your slices of bread with oil and cook on a chargrill. You can also just toast your bread (no oil!) or grill or oven bake.
  4. Smash your garlic with the blade of your knife and rub over the warm bread. That delicious garlic smell should rise up to meet you.
  5. Top with your tomato combo, and serve!
  6. Or top with the avocado, spinach or rocket and salmon, season to taste, add a little lemon or some extra herbs if you like. I added some capers for a salty hit, and serve!


“Berry” fun afternoon


If you popped into Quotidien or follow me on Twitter you would know that yesterday we hopped in the car for a little road trip and went berry picking. A great diversion for a holiday afternoon, the small ones are berry fans and loved the idea of picking their own. The farm had a great selection too of raspberries, brambleberries, blueberries among others. You got your bucket and off you traipsed among the bushes, popping a few samples in your mouth as you went along.

There was also a lavender hedge filled with butterflies and buzzing bees, I’ve never seen so many butterflies in the one place outside the centre at the zoo. And the best part, we have fresh berries to pop on our cereal and cook some delicious treats with this week.