Sunday adventures ~ Part II


Sunday adventures ~ part II

 Did you catch our first adventure?

A little stint of corporate project work means my weekends have been free ~ working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, what a way to make a living!

Blessed with another beautiful Sunday, and with the Mr’s birthday nearing,  we headed south, down the freeway, a slightly more famous destination in mind ~ the Brown Brothers winery and Epicurean Centre.

Sunday adventures ~ part II

The sunny Sunday afternoon was made for an afternoon of grazing on delicious bites while sipping local wine.

We got Epi.Curious, ordering several dishes,  little hands kept creeping into sample the smallgoods and fresh bread. A second round of morsels ordered.

Where else could you introduce the smalls to a quail terrine or a lamb croquette, and which they loved.

Sunday adventures ~ part II

Sunday adventures ~ part II

On the way home we stopped at another little winery down the road ~ John Gehrig’s. The aim was to stock up on some muscat for friends but we ended up walking away with several bottles for ourselves. [That's not really the biggest surprise now, is it.]

It’s easy to forget what’s in your own backyard. And it’s easy to think you don’t have the time.

These adventures might have only been for a few hours but they create memories that last a lifetime.

Where are you going to go this weekend?

Note to self: One thing to remember ~ take lots of photos, particularly ones with you in it.


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Sunday adventures ~ part II

Sunday adventures ~ Part I



There is nothing more inviting than a sunny day in the depths of winter.

It’s like a guilty pleasure to be sitting outside without a jumper or coat on, soaking up the rays.

We’ve obviously done something right of late as Mother Nature has blessed us with sun on the weekends and the grey days during the week, where they are seemingly right at home on a Monday.

So there’s nothing for it but to get out an enjoy it, particularly these past couple of Sundays where we have found ourselves without sport or work commitments, a rare day indeed.

We throw the camera gear in the back of the car, meet up with our friends, and head off into the yonder.

The adventure took us north, a road winding around the expanse of Lake Hume and along the mighty Murray River.

Sunday adventuring

We ended up in the town of Jingellic where stopped for lunch at the pub, hearty fare with a magnificent view to boot.

sunday adventuring ~ Part I

We took the other road home, crossing the lake on the “ferry”, a small punt that can fit three cars, we were two and then it turned out we knew the people in the third, such is country life.

Stay tuned for part II of our Sunday adventures.

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// All photos taken with my iPhone! The best camera is the one you have with you.

rise up against a ruthless enemy



My mum had breast cancer.

My dad had prostrate cancer.

My father-in-law had stomach cancer.

My boss had malignant tumour.

A friend’s daughter had one behind her eye.

All of them faced a battle, fought bravely, but sadly, only some of them won the war.

Cancer is a ruthless, unforgiving and indisciminate enemy.

Today I went along to my mum’s cancer support groups monthly get-together that included their event for The Biggest Morning Tea.

I was drawn in by the promise of triangle cut sandwiches and sausage rolls.

However, I was privileged to hear the story a Cancer Council volunteer, who had lost her 24-year-old son to leukemia but was now a passionate advocate for the council’s work.

In that brief time I learnt:

  • This month the Cancer Council marks the 20th anniversary of Biggest Morning Tea fund-raiser.

  • In that time more than 61,000 lives have been saved from this insidious disease, that’s eight lives a day.

  • Sadly though, in the future, one in two will be diagnosed with cancer.That means between you and me, one us will have a battle on our hands.

Scary stuff.

My mum and dad won the war. I’ve had to say a final goodbye to the others.

There is nary a day goes past that I, probably you, don’t hear the story of someone you know that has entered the trenches to battle cancer, whether it be them or a loved one.

This is why I urge you to make a difference, no matter how small.

Attend an event, organise one yourself, pop a few coins in a bright yellow donation box.

Or when you take your coffee break today just hop over to the website and the hit donate button.

And raise a cup to a cure for cancer.