Lessons from penguins


The eldest is learning all about Antarctica this term at school. I don’t know his teacher overly well but she is obviously all sorts of fabulous and engaging as he is taking it all in.

This morning while making lunches, he was telling me all about the movie they watched yesterday, and you’ve probably heard of it: March of the Penguins. He was recounting some of the scenes: how the chicks don’t so much waddle as run, and how sad it was when one of the chicks had died but all the other penguins have gathered around the mum and dad to comfort them.

Later in the car I got a whole lecture on the scourge that is plastic bags on our environment, including a comparison to China which has a much larger population but less plastic bags and how baby turtles think the bags are food and choke and die on them.

But hey, learning!

Back to the penguins.

So this morning I came across this delightful video of penguin bloopers from Penguins Spy in the Huddle and had to bookmark it to show him later.

It’s undeniably cute as they navigate the slippery ice and rock shelves with a few thrills and spills but you also notice one thing: they pick themselves up and carry on.

We could learn a lot from those penguins.