be a bread winner


I came across the above video via going home to roost ~ it is both beautiful and inspiring.

And at the moment so fitting, considering I haven’t bought a loaf of bread for several weeks and the family has yet to complain.

I take a simpler approach than the one displayed here, one of which I found through the wonder of the internet is Ruth’s post on the no-knead recipe ~ you can follow her tips and recipe here ~ which sparked the #ggbreadrevolution. [She posted a fabulous follow-up here, too].

This recipe produces the most gorgeous delicious bread ~ the only problem we have is it disappears so quickly! So it pays to always have one on the go. It’s all in the timing.

Now, on holidays last  week, I was in my domestic element, loaves of bread proving and baking to keep up a constant supply to the hungry hordes.

Then I slipped up. Dirty dishes, my cast iron pot used for the casserole. I missed a day, then two.  There was no bread and I missed it not having it waiting for me on the bench .

Lesson learnt.


So when I’m organised and when I can, I use the no knead method. But when I’m desperate and need bread today, I up the yeast and cut the time. And when my cast iron pot is dirty, I substitute my heavy-duty loaf tin. It turns out baking bread is nothing to be afraid of and is very forgiving!

And now we always have fresh, simple, bread.

What are you waiting for? Get baking!