checklist // seizing the holi-day



So I made a list, checked it twice, or more and how did I go “seizing my holi-day”?

Well, good …  and bad.

I didn’t go for a walk everyday, and I didn’t head out to the library or take myself out for a meal by myself. I ran out of time.

I did work on a little side project, pushed myself a little out of my comfort zone there, and I cooked ~ a lot. I baked fresh bread, made soups, desserts and casseroles.

However, I did take more photos ~ usually every day, everything from time lapses to snaps with my iPhone. I’m still in the process of editing and processing them.

And I did check out the art. I got myself along to a local gallery, pictured above [snapped on my iPhone] and signed up for newsletters so I can go back again. They had a range of pieces for sale which I really must remember to get back along to when I need a lovely and unique gift for someone.

The leaves work pictured here, by artist Natalie Ward, was my pick. Each work in this series was quite captivating.

huon view

I also had an urge to climb a mountain, so to speak. And we took ourselves, for the first time, up to Huon’s Hill lookout which has panoramic views across the region.

Stupid to think we had never been, even though it’s a relatively short drive from home.

I had expected a short walk, turns out you could drive to the top [#winning] but unfortunately smoke from the autumn burn-offs obscured the view, which will be quite spectacular in the winter months on a clear day when we can see the Victorian Alps.

But, now we know and we will be heading back and next time might even pack a picnic! And we have plans when the smoke settles to do a guided tour of another mountain in the area. Seriously, I don’t know myself. But I want to see those views!

And photograph them, of course.

Done! March Photo a Day


March photo a day

1. Day 1 // L is for Legoman, 2. Day 2 // something I made, 3. Day 3 // key, 4. Day 4 // Lucky, 5. Day 5 // Under, 6. Day 6 // chair, 7. Day 7 // fear, 8. Day 8 // favourite, 9. Day 9 // faceless self-portrait, 10. Day 10 // I want … this heatwave to end, 11. Day 11 // important, 12. Day 12 // in the distance, 13. Day 13 // sound, 14. Day 14 // tasty, 15. Day 15 // explore, 16. Day 16 // 9 o’clock, 17. Day 17 // green, 18. Day 19 // a sign, 19. Day 18 // shoes, 20. Day 20 // clean, 21. Day 22 // about you, 22. Day 21 // working, 23. Day 23 // what you do for fun, 24. Day 24 // up, 25. Day 25 // in your drawer, 26. Day 26 // something you did, 27. Day 27 // pair, 28. Day 28 // in the mirror, 29. Day 30 // relax, 30. Day 29 // good night, 31. Day 31 // [zesty] stuff

Another rush to the finish, completing the final week in one day, and then waiting another two days to take the last shot, and then realising I didn’t post the 30th.

But another month done, curse those odd-numbered months!

Fat Mum Slim’s March Photo a Day challenge