I don’t want much, but not a high-pressure washer either


The email popped into my inbox the other day, the subject line screaming “50% off gifts your mother will love”.

Ooh, I thought, I might pick up a bargain here. My favourite perfume on special, perhaps.

Except, no.

This well-known, well-marketed company was offering high-pressure washers among top picks for Mother’s Day.

Now I get that, sometimes, a mum will forsake luxuries for the greater good and get something practical and that fulfils a need at home.

It reminds me of the story of a colleague, with grown boys, the wife of a successful businessman, who for Christmas one year was given an urn, as in the hot water variety.

She unwrapped it in the middle of the lounge room floor, surrounded by the colourful detritus of festive paper.

And that’s where she left. For several days.

Practical, yes. Personal, no.

He was in hot water, so to speak.

But I digress.

A recent survey of 3000 Australian mums found for 75 per cent of them, Mother’s Day would be business as usual, about half would not get breakfast in bed and a third said while they looked forward to Mother’s Day, they often ended up feeling disappointed.

And they didn’t want much. Faced with financial pressures, nearly 20 per cent just wanted a little “me-time”.

Who can blame them? Every mum wants a moment where they can put all the balls down on the ground, just for a while. A break from the endless piles of laundry, the dirty dishes, the rotting salad leaves mocking her from the bottom of the crisper.

I’m happy to say, and lucky, that I’m not one of those 30 per cent left disappointed. The Mr cooks a mean breakfast, not just mother’s day but most weekends, and as I type, the boys are drawing and colouring Mother’s day cards and pictures, and making plans to buy something special, at the school stall, all the while reminding dad they “need to go shopping”.

And I’m not really a fan of breakfast in bed anyway.

In the past week I’ve made sure to tell the responsible one, the eldest son, a few simple things I would like for Mother’s Day – a new shower cap, an iPhone case, a pretty scarf. Small things, I might not necessarily buy myself, but requires a little thought and time on their part.

But I would also be happy if  someone to cooked me dinner, cleaned out the fridge, or some other job around the house that has been languishing on the to do list. These are all things that would make me, maybe even you, feel special, too.

For my little ones, it’s about giving them the chance to give, the joy of doing something for someone else, about showing appreciation.

It is about mums.

So what are you hoping for this Mother’s Day?

* The survey was real and came by chance across my desk and was done by Fantastic Furniture, which thinks mum deserves to sit down and put her feet up, most likely on a new couch.



  1. I’m really lucky that my family does ensure that Mothers Day is as much about me as possible – generally a breakfast of my choice, followed by doing not much of anything domestic (unless of course I chose to and then they let me!), a movie in the afternoon and then they’ll do the washing up after dinner – which is pretty much a normal Sunday apart from the choice of breakfast.
    The Little Man will relish handing me his gift – purchased with his hard earned pocket money and always with a minimum of 30 minutes consideration (much to his fathers distress, because he’s the one that has to go with him to do the buying).
    Daughter will present me with one of her original artworks… I’m running out of wall to put them on! Plus she’ll do my share of the ironing.
    And Husband will rub my feet on command.

    Consider myself a lucky Mum, I do :-)
    Tasha xo

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