the little moments …



Sometimes it’s the little moments.

  • I made bread for the first time in weeks, maybe months, after making it every day for almost as long. I also poached chicken for sandwiches and salads and boiled eggs for the same reason. In my domestic goddess lime light and it felt good.
  • When I indicated I was making fresh bread, the smalls expressed their delight. A far cry from the whine that accompanied the bread making and the fact it wasn’t square.
  • These are the same smalls that have been taking bickering to a new level. They could run a course in bickering 101. And then there was a moment  when I walked through while getting ready in the morning, and they were both sitting quietly on the lounge reading.
  • Giving the study a quick tidy so I can move around it again. It didn’t take long and made a huge difference. Mind you, still missing my cheque book.
  • That a favourite band has a new single, and it is Magic indeed. We watched them at the SXSW iTunes festival the other day which was also quite magical. Catch it on iTunes while you can.

Little moments to be remembered.

all the leaves … a musical tribute



With the smalls returning to school this week, I’ve really noticed the quiet.

While initially revelling in the serenity, it started to get to me so wherever I was, I put on some music.

I jump between my own music library and  that of Spotify and so today I thought I would share a little musical ode to my favourite season, autumn.

There’s nothing like some smooth tunes, cosy socks, a roaring fire and good food, and wine if you are so inclined.

Listen here:

from the sea to the sky to the sequel


Big news in the children’s movie world this week. And here’s hoping my children will not consider themselves too old to head along to the cinema when these hit out shores.

Ellen DeGeneres announced earlier this week ~ on April 2 which had me thinking for a second it could have been an April Fool’s joke with the damn time zones ~ that she would be reprising the role of Dory from Finding Nemo in the sequel Finding Dory. Story here

And now Disney has announced Planes, from the world above Cars. [If you loved Top Gun, this trailer will make you smile.]

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait! Think I will probably be fighting Grandpa to take the kids to this one!

Lessons from penguins


The eldest is learning all about Antarctica this term at school. I don’t know his teacher overly well but she is obviously all sorts of fabulous and engaging as he is taking it all in.

This morning while making lunches, he was telling me all about the movie they watched yesterday, and you’ve probably heard of it: March of the Penguins. He was recounting some of the scenes: how the chicks don’t so much waddle as run, and how sad it was when one of the chicks had died but all the other penguins have gathered around the mum and dad to comfort them.

Later in the car I got a whole lecture on the scourge that is plastic bags on our environment, including a comparison to China which has a much larger population but less plastic bags and how baby turtles think the bags are food and choke and die on them.

But hey, learning!

Back to the penguins.

So this morning I came across this delightful video of penguin bloopers from Penguins Spy in the Huddle and had to bookmark it to show him later.

It’s undeniably cute as they navigate the slippery ice and rock shelves with a few thrills and spills but you also notice one thing: they pick themselves up and carry on.

We could learn a lot from those penguins.

… and call your mother



Slugs and snails, And puppy-dogs’ tails …

Yes, raising boys is certainly an adventure of the good and the grimy.

I have two boys, each more different than the other while being so much the same. Chalk and cheese. Very much so.

Thankfully I don’t have to learn the best way to plait hair each morning, but I do have to know how to kick a football.

And along the way we deal out lessons in respect and sportsmanship, on friendships and manners.

I love the simple lessons in this ~ 20 things a mother should tell her son ~ which I came across via Facebook.

Some are for now, some will be put away for later.

This week though, they should remember this:

Use careful aim when you pee.  Somebody’s got to clean that up, you know.

And I hope they never forget this:

Remember to call your mother because I might be missing you.

// 20 things a mother should tell her son

New favourite // Kellylee Evans


Thanks to the Mr for coming across the fabulous musical stylings of Kellylee Evans!