Sunday adventures ~ Part II


Sunday adventures ~ part II

 Did you catch our first adventure?

A little stint of corporate project work means my weekends have been free ~ working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, what a way to make a living!

Blessed with another beautiful Sunday, and with the Mr’s birthday nearing,  we headed south, down the freeway, a slightly more famous destination in mind ~ the Brown Brothers winery and Epicurean Centre.

Sunday adventures ~ part II

The sunny Sunday afternoon was made for an afternoon of grazing on delicious bites while sipping local wine.

We got Epi.Curious, ordering several dishes,  little hands kept creeping into sample the smallgoods and fresh bread. A second round of morsels ordered.

Where else could you introduce the smalls to a quail terrine or a lamb croquette, and which they loved.

Sunday adventures ~ part II

Sunday adventures ~ part II

On the way home we stopped at another little winery down the road ~ John Gehrig’s. The aim was to stock up on some muscat for friends but we ended up walking away with several bottles for ourselves. [That's not really the biggest surprise now, is it.]

It’s easy to forget what’s in your own backyard. And it’s easy to think you don’t have the time.

These adventures might have only been for a few hours but they create memories that last a lifetime.

Where are you going to go this weekend?

Note to self: One thing to remember ~ take lots of photos, particularly ones with you in it.


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Sunday adventures ~ part II

Sunday adventures ~ Part I



There is nothing more inviting than a sunny day in the depths of winter.

It’s like a guilty pleasure to be sitting outside without a jumper or coat on, soaking up the rays.

We’ve obviously done something right of late as Mother Nature has blessed us with sun on the weekends and the grey days during the week, where they are seemingly right at home on a Monday.

So there’s nothing for it but to get out an enjoy it, particularly these past couple of Sundays where we have found ourselves without sport or work commitments, a rare day indeed.

We throw the camera gear in the back of the car, meet up with our friends, and head off into the yonder.

The adventure took us north, a road winding around the expanse of Lake Hume and along the mighty Murray River.

Sunday adventuring

We ended up in the town of Jingellic where stopped for lunch at the pub, hearty fare with a magnificent view to boot.

sunday adventuring ~ Part I

We took the other road home, crossing the lake on the “ferry”, a small punt that can fit three cars, we were two and then it turned out we knew the people in the third, such is country life.

Stay tuned for part II of our Sunday adventures.

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// All photos taken with my iPhone! The best camera is the one you have with you.

checklist // seizing the holi-day



So I made a list, checked it twice, or more and how did I go “seizing my holi-day”?

Well, good …  and bad.

I didn’t go for a walk everyday, and I didn’t head out to the library or take myself out for a meal by myself. I ran out of time.

I did work on a little side project, pushed myself a little out of my comfort zone there, and I cooked ~ a lot. I baked fresh bread, made soups, desserts and casseroles.

However, I did take more photos ~ usually every day, everything from time lapses to snaps with my iPhone. I’m still in the process of editing and processing them.

And I did check out the art. I got myself along to a local gallery, pictured above [snapped on my iPhone] and signed up for newsletters so I can go back again. They had a range of pieces for sale which I really must remember to get back along to when I need a lovely and unique gift for someone.

The leaves work pictured here, by artist Natalie Ward, was my pick. Each work in this series was quite captivating.

huon view

I also had an urge to climb a mountain, so to speak. And we took ourselves, for the first time, up to Huon’s Hill lookout which has panoramic views across the region.

Stupid to think we had never been, even though it’s a relatively short drive from home.

I had expected a short walk, turns out you could drive to the top [#winning] but unfortunately smoke from the autumn burn-offs obscured the view, which will be quite spectacular in the winter months on a clear day when we can see the Victorian Alps.

But, now we know and we will be heading back and next time might even pack a picnic! And we have plans when the smoke settles to do a guided tour of another mountain in the area. Seriously, I don’t know myself. But I want to see those views!

And photograph them, of course.

seize the holi-day




I have the good fortune of being off work this week and thanks to the Easter break, have done my relaxing and now have the next four days where it is all about me.

Here in NSW, the smalls are still in school and the Mr is naturally at work, so in between my time is my own.

And I intend to make the most of it!

Not only with “working” here at Lime Lane, but also spending time doing, racking up a few experiences close to home.

So, armed with a check list, here are five things I plan to do with these precious days.

  1. Check out the art. I was actually handed a flyer for an studio exhibition at the farmers’ market the other day and I popped it in my diary with mental note to check it out this week. And while I’m at it I might as well pop into the local art gallery.
  2. Take more photos. This is an obvious one in a way but I really want to push myself to get back into that photo-taking habit. And I want to take finish and take in several films to be processed. And perhaps go wild and snap off a pack of instax film as well. Why not? I’m on holidays!
  3. Go for a walk, somewhere different, every day. See point two ~ as I will be making sure to take a camera along and take more photos of different places.
  4. Take myself to brunch/lunch or a picnic, on my own. First, this pushes my comfort zone a bit but secondly, so I can sit and soak up a change of scenery.
  5. Go and work at the library one morning. There is something motivating and inspiring among all those books. I want to soak that up, too.

I’m also going to do set myself to put together something I’ve always wanted to do. Let’s hope it works out and I’ll share it soon.

It’s out there now, I’ll check back next week to see how I went.

A day of wine, food and song


A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

Lucky for us, we have friends who like to  do things and invariably encourage us along for the ride, which is how we ended up at A Day on the Green at All Saints Winery in Rutherglen on the weekend.

And boy am I glad we did. A fabulous show including Lisa Mitchell, Mark Seymour and the Undertow and Neil Finn and Paul Kelly.

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

These are my iPhone images, no big SLRs allowed, but lucky for us we were just nine rows from the stage. And yes, it was awesome.

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

A Day on the Green, All Saints winery, Wahgunyah

I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of the songs from the day. Paul Kelly did the Crowded House track Into Temptation and Neil Finn did the Kelly song You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed.

“Berry” fun afternoon


If you popped into Quotidien or follow me on Twitter you would know that yesterday we hopped in the car for a little road trip and went berry picking. A great diversion for a holiday afternoon, the small ones are berry fans and loved the idea of picking their own. The farm had a great selection too of raspberries, brambleberries, blueberries among others. You got your bucket and off you traipsed among the bushes, popping a few samples in your mouth as you went along.

There was also a lavender hedge filled with butterflies and buzzing bees, I’ve never seen so many butterflies in the one place outside the centre at the zoo. And the best part, we have fresh berries to pop on our cereal and cook some delicious treats with this week.