And here I thought they wouldn’t like it …


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I try a lot of different meals on my children.

The scourge of having shelves filled with cookbooks and food magazines means I rarely cook the same dish twice.

Except when feeding children.

Any parent knows, when you are on to a good thing, stick with it.

And that’s how dahl became a regular feature of our weekly menus.

I had tried dahl once, years ago, which turned out nothing like I had hungrily imagined.

But I stumbled across this recipe and it seemed worth another try.

This recipe is tasty, simple, quick and healthy. Not to mention adaptable.

And the kids love it*.

I’ve tried this recipe two ways ~ the as-is version on the stove or planning ahead by having it in the slow cooker, ready for later. It only take about two to three hours in the slow cooker on high.

I throw in whatever vegetables I have, and pass the smalls’ taste test ~ frozen broccoli and cauliflower are my picks. And it’s a great way of using up all those half-empty jars of curry paste languishing in the fridge!

Make it extra special by serving it with Cat’s naan bread. Remember to start your bread a couple of hours before dinner.

Cook: Lentil and Cauliflower dahl

* Disclaimer: One kid loves it and looks forward to it. The other says “But I hate dahl” then proceeds to have two helpings.


  1. We love daal here and I too am a fan of adding loads of seasonal vegetables. My boys are mad for pappadums with it too :)

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