Hi, my name is Kellie and welcome to Lime Lane.

I’m a wife, mum to two boys aged 10 and 8, a journalist, photographer and designer who lives in regional Australia.

Why 74 Lime Lane? ’74 is the year I was born, lime is a favourite colour and lane because of the alliteration and the idea of an “address”. Hence, 74 Lime Lane. The Mr ¬†got me the sign in the first picture made for my birthday not long after I started blogging.

I like: the colour lime, autumn, crayons, gadgets, coloured pencils, cooking, music, children’s art, photography, polaroid, vintage cameras, my computer, blossoms, books, Lauren Child, Charlie & Lola, red kitchen appliances, fresh flowers, stripes and polka dots (not necessarily together), notebooks and stationery stores.