making connections



I recently wrote about connections in my weekly newsletter here.

And I got to thinking.

The internet is all about connections ~ literally and figuratively.

Those little bytes of data are right now streaming from my keys, down the cable and spewing forth into the world, making connections.

The internet allows introverts, like me, or those that like their alone time, also like me, to make connections that  otherwise they might not have made.

Have you noticed, too, the intricate web of such connections? Six degrees of separation and all that.

It’s a small world after all.

You know that song [earworm alert] was written in 1963, well before the internet exploded and morphed into what it is today.

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears.
It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears.
There’s so much that we share,
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all.

But it’s kind of appropriate.

And here I thought they wouldn’t like it …



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I try a lot of different meals on my children.

The scourge of having shelves filled with cookbooks and food magazines means I rarely cook the same dish twice.

Except when feeding children.

Any parent knows, when you are on to a good thing, stick with it.

And that’s how dahl became a regular feature of our weekly menus.

I had tried dahl once, years ago, which turned out nothing like I had hungrily imagined.

But I stumbled across this recipe and it seemed worth another try.

This recipe is tasty, simple, quick and healthy. Not to mention adaptable.

And the kids love it*.

I’ve tried this recipe two ways ~ the as-is version on the stove or planning ahead by having it in the slow cooker, ready for later. It only take about two to three hours in the slow cooker on high.

I throw in whatever vegetables I have, and pass the smalls’ taste test ~ frozen broccoli and cauliflower are my picks. And it’s a great way of using up all those half-empty jars of curry paste languishing in the fridge!

Make it extra special by serving it with Cat’s naan bread. Remember to start your bread a couple of hours before dinner.

Cook: Lentil and Cauliflower dahl

* Disclaimer: One kid loves it and looks forward to it. The other says “But I hate dahl” then proceeds to have two helpings.

what will you do for earth day?

Earth Day 2013

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~ Native American Proverb

be a bread winner


I came across the above video via going home to roost ~ it is both beautiful and inspiring.

And at the moment so fitting, considering I haven’t bought a loaf of bread for several weeks and the family has yet to complain.

I take a simpler approach than the one displayed here, one of which I found through the wonder of the internet is Ruth’s post on the no-knead recipe ~ you can follow her tips and recipe here ~ which sparked the #ggbreadrevolution. [She posted a fabulous follow-up here, too].

This recipe produces the most gorgeous delicious bread ~ the only problem we have is it disappears so quickly! So it pays to always have one on the go. It’s all in the timing.

Now, on holidays last  week, I was in my domestic element, loaves of bread proving and baking to keep up a constant supply to the hungry hordes.

Then I slipped up. Dirty dishes, my cast iron pot used for the casserole. I missed a day, then two.  There was no bread and I missed it not having it waiting for me on the bench .

Lesson learnt.


So when I’m organised and when I can, I use the no knead method. But when I’m desperate and need bread today, I up the yeast and cut the time. And when my cast iron pot is dirty, I substitute my heavy-duty loaf tin. It turns out baking bread is nothing to be afraid of and is very forgiving!

And now we always have fresh, simple, bread.

What are you waiting for? Get baking!

checklist // seizing the holi-day



So I made a list, checked it twice, or more and how did I go “seizing my holi-day”?

Well, good …  and bad.

I didn’t go for a walk everyday, and I didn’t head out to the library or take myself out for a meal by myself. I ran out of time.

I did work on a little side project, pushed myself a little out of my comfort zone there, and I cooked ~ a lot. I baked fresh bread, made soups, desserts and casseroles.

However, I did take more photos ~ usually every day, everything from time lapses to snaps with my iPhone. I’m still in the process of editing and processing them.

And I did check out the art. I got myself along to a local gallery, pictured above [snapped on my iPhone] and signed up for newsletters so I can go back again. They had a range of pieces for sale which I really must remember to get back along to when I need a lovely and unique gift for someone.

The leaves work pictured here, by artist Natalie Ward, was my pick. Each work in this series was quite captivating.

huon view

I also had an urge to climb a mountain, so to speak. And we took ourselves, for the first time, up to Huon’s Hill lookout which has panoramic views across the region.

Stupid to think we had never been, even though it’s a relatively short drive from home.

I had expected a short walk, turns out you could drive to the top [#winning] but unfortunately smoke from the autumn burn-offs obscured the view, which will be quite spectacular in the winter months on a clear day when we can see the Victorian Alps.

But, now we know and we will be heading back and next time might even pack a picnic! And we have plans when the smoke settles to do a guided tour of another mountain in the area. Seriously, I don’t know myself. But I want to see those views!

And photograph them, of course.

from the sea to the sky to the sequel


Big news in the children’s movie world this week. And here’s hoping my children will not consider themselves too old to head along to the cinema when these hit out shores.

Ellen DeGeneres announced earlier this week ~ on April 2 which had me thinking for a second it could have been an April Fool’s joke with the damn time zones ~ that she would be reprising the role of Dory from Finding Nemo in the sequel Finding Dory. Story here

And now Disney has announced Planes, from the world above Cars. [If you loved Top Gun, this trailer will make you smile.]

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait! Think I will probably be fighting Grandpa to take the kids to this one!

Done! March Photo a Day


March photo a day

1. Day 1 // L is for Legoman, 2. Day 2 // something I made, 3. Day 3 // key, 4. Day 4 // Lucky, 5. Day 5 // Under, 6. Day 6 // chair, 7. Day 7 // fear, 8. Day 8 // favourite, 9. Day 9 // faceless self-portrait, 10. Day 10 // I want … this heatwave to end, 11. Day 11 // important, 12. Day 12 // in the distance, 13. Day 13 // sound, 14. Day 14 // tasty, 15. Day 15 // explore, 16. Day 16 // 9 o’clock, 17. Day 17 // green, 18. Day 19 // a sign, 19. Day 18 // shoes, 20. Day 20 // clean, 21. Day 22 // about you, 22. Day 21 // working, 23. Day 23 // what you do for fun, 24. Day 24 // up, 25. Day 25 // in your drawer, 26. Day 26 // something you did, 27. Day 27 // pair, 28. Day 28 // in the mirror, 29. Day 30 // relax, 30. Day 29 // good night, 31. Day 31 // [zesty] stuff

Another rush to the finish, completing the final week in one day, and then waiting another two days to take the last shot, and then realising I didn’t post the 30th.

But another month done, curse those odd-numbered months!

Fat Mum Slim’s March Photo a Day challenge

seize the holi-day




I have the good fortune of being off work this week and thanks to the Easter break, have done my relaxing and now have the next four days where it is all about me.

Here in NSW, the smalls are still in school and the Mr is naturally at work, so in between my time is my own.

And I intend to make the most of it!

Not only with “working” here at Lime Lane, but also spending time doing, racking up a few experiences close to home.

So, armed with a check list, here are five things I plan to do with these precious days.

  1. Check out the art. I was actually handed a flyer for an studio exhibition at the farmers’ market the other day and I popped it in my diary with mental note to check it out this week. And while I’m at it I might as well pop into the local art gallery.
  2. Take more photos. This is an obvious one in a way but I really want to push myself to get back into that photo-taking habit. And I want to take finish and take in several films to be processed. And perhaps go wild and snap off a pack of instax film as well. Why not? I’m on holidays!
  3. Go for a walk, somewhere different, every day. See point two ~ as I will be making sure to take a camera along and take more photos of different places.
  4. Take myself to brunch/lunch or a picnic, on my own. First, this pushes my comfort zone a bit but secondly, so I can sit and soak up a change of scenery.
  5. Go and work at the library one morning. There is something motivating and inspiring among all those books. I want to soak that up, too.

I’m also going to do set myself to put together something I’ve always wanted to do. Let’s hope it works out and I’ll share it soon.

It’s out there now, I’ll check back next week to see how I went.

I blog, therefore I am


life // about me

I thought it was a little overdue, a bit cart before the horse, to launch the more personal side the blog here and neglect to properly introduce myself.

Prompted by the “about me” prompt at the #fmsphotoaday challenge, I thought I would elaborate on my pictorial contribution, pictured top left, and tell you a little more about me.

So, on the image above:

  •  I like the colour lime, photography and cooking, and eating
  •  I like stationery and writing.
  • I’m an only child.
  • I am addicted to Snapseed and its Retrolux filters.
  • And I have this great big piece of ticking fabric for no apparent reason.
  • Married to a wonderful bloke who is very supportive of everything I do and happily joins in on any adventure
  • I work in the media.


  • I have two sons ~ aged 10 turning 11 and 8 turning 9. They are actually only 18 months apart, this is both good and bad.
  • I work full-time, in newspapers. When I’m not there, I’m here at Lime Lane or working with my other hat on as part of our freelancing company.
  • The ticking fabric is a mystery because I don’t sew, not a stitch. Thankfully the Mr can do buttons.
  • I’m more than happy with my own company, I’m a classic introvert and happily would spend the week at home with no place to go.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and tell me a little bit about you!